Manx Classic 2017

So it’s that time of year again when the hedges beckon and the motor sport fraternity put on displays for us fans. This weekend saw the return of the Manx Classic hosted by the Manx Motor Racing Club. Regrettably I was unable to attend the Thursday and Friday but Saturday I ventured out into the mist and rain, chose my spot at the Gooseneck and waited for the brave souls to test their skills on a very damp and slippery corner.

Tim George in his MGC gave us some thrills losing the back end and thankfully regaining control before the intervention of the bank. not so lucky for Charles Sabourin who lost the back end, over corrected and Buried his Elva Courier in the bank before it took off and did a 270 deg flip finally coming to rest on its wheels. a very lucky man…


Thankfully for the timed runs the rain stopped and whilst still slippery under the trees the event passed with only minor overruns. A great event, well organised and run.