A Manxman with a passion for photography.

I am found on the street, looking for the ‘moment’, ‘the unusual in the usual’, ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary’.

As a tall man it is difficult to blend in, don’t be shy if you see me I won’t invade your privacy, I won’t offend, I am looking for a narrative in everyday life. Time moves on, memories fade, through my lens I capture those fixed moments in time and through time the images become historical records of an event. Let’s record events saving memories for future generations.

I have a number of projects on the go at any one time and am looking for the moment or the narrative or the aesthetic in a scene. My focus will likely not be you but if it is it will be tasteful and for a reason.

My approach is to ‘fish’ for images rather than to ‘hunt’ I’m often with coffee in hand chatting, feel free to interact, play up or ignore me you never know where your image may be seen.