‘A change in focus’

Receiving Mastering Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett http://www.streetsnappers.com as a gift has led to a complete change in my focus in photography. No longer seeking the buzz of capturing a pin sharp image of a motorcycle road racer hurtling towards me at 175mph; my emphasis is now the more sedate challenge of capturing ‘the moment’, ‘the unusual in the usual’, ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary ‘.

Getting out on the streets photographing humanity doing what it does in a candid, often humorous way; I think of it as respecting personal space whilst imposing.

The challenge is immense, the results often disappointing, the success rate low but the elation when you get a keeper is highly enjoyable and the desire to get back out on the streets in all weathers is all consuming.

Portraits are not candid but extremely rewarding.

I hope to keep this page fresh and current. Documenting my photo walks will allow expression and my style to evolve. Photography is very personal and what is my taste is unlikely to be universal. Get involved, leave messages and critique is appreciated.

Through a series of uploads I will share my settings and narrative on the images taken.

Thank you for your time.